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Complete data analysis from a single question

Turn non-technical business experts into data analytics leads.

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Does this sound familiar?

Your organization struggles with data literacy and data accessibility.
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The majority of your data is inaccessible to anyone outside the data team.
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You don’t have robust processes to build a semantic layer.
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Stakeholders don’t understand WHY business outcomes occur.
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Kater solves these
pain points, and more.

Meet Butler: 
Your Data Agent

Butler organizes the chaos of your data.

Butler generates hypotheses, writes the queries to validate those hypotheses, and finds insights from the outputs in seconds.

Provide self-serve analytics, with high data accessibility across your company

Any stakeholder can query your data using plain English. 

Butler understands your business logic, semantics, and nuances about your data. The more you use him, the better he gets.

Finally, a robust way to capture tribal knowledge about your data

Optimize your data for AI with automatic intelligent labeling, categorization, and data curation.

We help you define your semantic layer, metric layer, and data dictionary.

Maintain stakeholder trust in data quality through transparency

Previous questions inform current questions. Reduce your data team's future workload by 10x.

Validated answers are stored in the Query Bank for smarter, more accurate responses.

The reward for curiosity has never been clearer.

Everyone in your company can now leverage data for smarter decisions.

Your data is discoverable.
It's trustworthy.
It's understandable.
That's our goal.

Data is
the new oil.

We're forging a world where data informs every business decision.

This is the future of data.

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We deeply value your privacy.
Your information will not be sold to third parties.

Who is Kater for?

Kater is built for data professionals and data inquisitors. Kater helps data teams organize and label their data so it's ready for LLM ingestion. All organized data products are immediately usable by anyone who has a data question, without knowing a lick of SQL. Kater aims to bridge the ownership of data across all business domains in your company.

How much does Kater cost?

We support free trials, with annual contracts determined by the size and complexity of your data and company. Contact us if you want details.

What data warehouses do you support?

We currently integrate with Snowflake, BigQuery, and MS-SQL. We plan to expand to support Databricks, Redshift, and much more in the future.

How will Kater use my data?

We take data privacy very seriously. Kater does not store any of your data in our application database, nor do we use your data to train any LLM. Everything is stored locally in your browser's cache.

What are the current limitations of Kater?

Kater is using Open AI's API under the hood. We plan to incorporate our own in-house generative AI in the future. The development and research of artificial intelligence (AI) is an ongoing process with several factors that can limit its capabilities. You will find bugs and weird issues! We are improving the system every day. Your feedback can help us improve it.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to?

Reach out to us at